How can we help?

If you are operating in the web3 space or have an idea and need support, please get in touch. Web3 projects often require additional legal, regulatory, and taxation understanding. In addition, blockchain-related products and applications often require a large amount of code review, testing and security assessment in order to avoid downside risks. Based on the problems we receive we will look at how we might be able to provide access to the appropriate people and services who can help. We are also here to assist government agencies working with or looking to better understand the implications of web3 technologies. 

Additionally, if you are already involved, have web3 experience and are interested in contributing to the NZ web3 ecosystem please let us know. 

Please choose one of the following options:

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Accelerating Web3 Innovation

This initiative is a prototype to determine what gaps exist in and to assist where possible. The intent is to work with partners across the ecosystem to help solve problems for NZ web3 innovators. We are making this available on a best attempt basis so please bear with us whilst we see if and where we can assist. The more we are able to surface similar challenges, the more we can stand up 1 to many solutions that make it more cost effective for businesses and founders.


If you have any questions about the web3 assistance or contribution processes please email us at web3@callaghaninnovation.govt.nz.