Pre-NZBN Business Support

Callaghan Innovation and a number of government agencies work together to support early stage business with a range of useful services to help you in your business innovation journey.  

To help you access to these services, see below some suggested steps to get you started.


Register your NZBN Number

The NZBN register gives your business access to a range of business and data services, see the NZBN site for full details

Can't remember your NZBN number? That's OK. You can find it here: MyNZBN | New Zealand Business Number

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Register for GST

Being GST registered is a key part of accessing some funding services, check your eligibility
Enquire@ IRD Number

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Register with the RBP Network

When you register your business with the network, we'll put you in touch with your local Regional Business Partner. They have all the resources you need – including local knowledge, experts, networks, and funding – to support your business on-the-ground. 

Register@ Regional Business Partner Network


Funding Explorer

Your business might have more funding options available than you realise. Use this tool to describe your situation and to help you explore the best options for you.

Funding Explorer.

Other useful resources:

Start a business

  • Explore the government backed resource - you’ll find tools and expert advice from government and industry, designed to help Kiwi businesses save time and succeed
  • Take a look at the start-up Founder and Startup Support Programme supported by Callaghan Innovation through our partners around Aotearoa. Reach out to the one that best suits your needs.

Validate your business idea

Do you know if there is a market for your product? And do you know how you can scale? Product360 is a free central resource hub that will help businesses identify their unique commercialisation needs, as well as any potential roadblocks, to help avoid costly backtracking and time delays.

Fund your business

Build a support network

Be digitally savvy

Level up your digital skills with the government backed Digital Boost service, your doorway into the new age of business: one driven by digital technology